New mother moving puppies...

My Siberian Husky just had a litter of 9. She was quite attentive for the first 5 days, nursing them pretty much constantly. Now on days 6-7 she's been acting a little strange-She's relocated them twice, once to a closet and once under the bed in the room she normally slept in. The odd thing is, the second move she only moved one of the litter. She left the other ones in the closet alone. The only change we can think of is that my Mom opened the curtains in the room with the closet... My mom brought the remaining litter mates to her in the room, and she then carried them under the bed aswell.

Is any of this normal? She's also been venturing away from the puppies for long periods of time. I'm a little concerned about her abandoning the litter.

New mothers can sometimes...

New mothers can sometimes be very good ad know exactly what to do -- ad others need help. She is probably very nervous,most mothers (new or not) will move their puppies if they think the "nursery" they are in now is not safe or private enough. She needs a quite, warm, not too bright place to keep them. Dog mothers will wander away from their babies sometimes just like human mothers. As long as she come back to feed them every two hours or so they should be fine.

If worse comes to worse and she does abandon them get them to a vet, many mothers will abandon a litter or one or more pups from a littler if they are sick. Some abandon them because they don't know what to do. If she does abandon them you need to be with them all day. Keep them in a warm quiet area. There are replacement puppy formulas you can buy to feed them. And expert or your vet can give you advice on how to care for them, feed them, relieve them (puppies cant poop or pee on their own yet), ect.

Hope everything goes well!