Can't tell if my dog is pregnant, HELP please

I have a 3 yr old maltipom, she was bred April 28, 30 and possibly May 4, 2009, I paid the breeder for the mating session yet I cannot tell if my dog is pregnant or not. She tied once on the 28th and twice on the 30th and possibly once on the 4th of May. Her nipples grew but very little. She lays around and sleeps all day when she is not cleaning herself down there. Her vulva is still purple but it went back down to normal size. I keep finding her hair on my carpet. If she is pregnant she would be 59 days today, her belly did not grow or anything could she be pregnant with just one or two pups or is this a false pregnancy and I need to get my money back?


What does your contract say?

Adores i bred my cocker on

Adores i bred my cocker on Sept 22, 23, and 29. She hasnt gained any weight. her last 2 teats are a little saggy, empty tho. She has delivered before. Help.


I have 2 Amstaff's one male one female, female is 12 months male is 9 months on her first heat he managed to mate with her they where locked for about 10 minutes on the 13th of May, I have been feeding her with all the best and increased her food by about 25% she has large teats but has only got slightly wider accross the back.

Is my dog pregnant

I have a 3 year old mastiff/rot I bread with a mastiff on Feb 17 2011. That would put the due around the 21st of Apr but she didn't get very big but did get some milk but still know pups. She lays around and acts funny but no pups. She has removed hair on back four nipples. Is it possible for a dog to go over on a pregnancy like a woman?

Perhaps a ghost litter

Sometimes dogs can go through the motions of being pregnant, but not actually be pregnant! If you are worried that she has puppies in there, but is not delivering, take her to the vet. Dead puppies can be fatal if not evacuated.