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Should I Choose a Male or Female Puppy?

choose a male or female puppy

Summary: We provide several comparisons and differences in helping you Choose a Male or Female Puppy. Our comparisons assume that you are going to neuter or spay your new puppy.

How to Choose a Male or Female Puppy

When all is said and done, the process to choose a male or female puppy is definitely a personal choice. Here are just a few things that you may wish to consider. The number one question you need to ask yourself is “Are you planning to have you pet spayed or neutered?” Females that are not spayed are usually moodier. They come into heat generally twice a year for a couple of weeks each time. During their heat cycles there will be a discharge of blood and fluid. The amount will vary with the female dog. Occasionally you’ll need to watch out for those floor coverings depending on the dog!

Females are generally smaller than the males of the same breed. Female dogs usually squat to urinate, which can kill the grass. Females most often are more expensive to purchase and it is more expensive and intrusive to have a female spayed than to have a male neutered.

If you choose not to have your male neutered you will notice he will mark his territory by lifting his leg and frequently urinating. This may save some of your grass but may hurt your leaves on your bushes. Urinating on bushes and shrubs can kill them or partially destroy the plant. Males will most definitely be more interested in a female in heat than in your commands.

Dog Fights vs. Heat Cycles

Unaltered males have a tendency to get into dog fights and in general are more aggressive. Males are usually bigger than females of the same breed. If you choose to have your pet spayed or neutered at an early age, your male puppy may squat to urinate. He will be less likely to roam and be less aggressive towards other dogs. The messy female heat cycle will be eliminated along with some of the moodiness.

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  • In my experience, the males I have had are the ones that go out to roam the neighborhood. For example if I take both outside to work in the yard. My female will be right by my side the whole time and my male will be out roaming and have to keep contact with him all the time. (They are both fixed, spayed and neutered)

    Another example that will always lean towards females, I was jogging in the park and fell with both dogs off leash. My female stopped and sat by me, my male continued on…

    But everyone has their own opinions and reasons to choose a female or male, but I just wanted to share my experience as the other comment post use the word ‘bitch’ to describe females over and over.

    It is all about the training!! 🙂