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11 Christmas Gift Ideas For A Dog

Christmas Gift Ideas For a Dog

Summary: The Holidays are coming! Its a fun time of the year, but it can also be very stressful. Here are some suggestions to help reduce your stress: Get your Christmas cards done now (and send them the first week of December). Create your menu for the week after Thanksgiving and Christmas using Holiday leftovers (yes, do it now, you wont have time later). Get your dog shopping done NOW! We provide some Christmas Gift Ideas For A Dog.

11 Christmas Gift Ideas For a Dog?

Your dog will never know what you spent on them, but the excitement of giving time to your dog will surely strengthen the relationship with your dog, especially during the Holiday Season. So, not sure what to do or buy for your furry, best friend? Here are 11 Christmas Gift Ideas For a Dog that cover a full range in cost.

  • Christmas Gift Idea #1 – New Dog House: If your dog house is old, it might be time to upgrade. The new dog houses are made with improved construction materials and are better insulated than the older ones. If your dog spends much time outside, this could be one of the best gifts you could give him. Before throwing your old dog house away, check to see if it can be recycled or re-purposed in any way.

  • Christmas Gift Idea #2 – Collar and Leash: A new collar and leash is always fun for both pet and owner. For the owner, because you have an excuse to buy something new for your dog. For your pet because now that you have that new leash and collar you are sure to want to show it off around the neighborhood! Make sure your dogs collar fits correctly.

  • Christmas Gift Idea #3 – Microchip and Immunizations: Microchip your dog! Call your local animal shelter or your vet and just get it done. This can be the most important thing you ever do for your family and your dog. Immunizations are also extremely important. Protect your family from heartache and expensive vet bills by keeping your dog up-to-date.

  • Christmas Gift Idea #4 – Homemade dog treats: Your dog will love this, and you will too. There are many recipes for homemade dog treats and dog food. They are easy to make and fairly inexpensive since most of the ingredients are things you may already have in your home. I like making my own treats because I know what goes in them. No crude protein byproduct meal or preservatives.

  • Christmas Gift Idea #5 – Dog Clean-Up bags: This is more for you and your neighbors than your dog. Any time you go on a walk, just throw one in your pocket or your dogs backpack. You dont want to step in your dogs poop, neither does anyone else.
  • Christmas Gift Idea #6 – Teach your dog a new game: One of my favorite games to play with my dog is hide-the-treat. What you need: three buckets or bowls, some dog treats. With your dog watching, put a small treat (or piece of dog food) under one of the buckets. Put all three buckets side by side and let your dog sniff out the treat. She will probably push the bowls around until she finds it. After you and your dog get the hang of that, raise the difficulty. Take the dog out of the room so she cant see where you put the treat, then she really has to sniff it out. Move the buckets further apart. Make the buckets a little more difficult to find. Upgrade gradually.

  • Christmas Gift Idea #7 – New Dog Toy: Whats better than a new toy!? Just be sure you get something made for dogs and for your dogs size. Pay attention to quality. Sometimes its worth it to spend an extra $2 to get a better made toy.
  • Christmas Gift Idea #8 – Clothes and shoes: If you live in a cold weather area (and have a warm weather dog), consider getting your dog a sweater and some boots. I recommend everyone to purchase a raincoat/jacket for your dog. This saves a lot of time and wet-dog-smell. If its raining or snowing outside, I put a jacket on my dogs when they go outside. That way, when they come in, they are dry and warm and I only have to towel their feet and noses (and a tail). One minute of putting on a jacket saves lots of towel-dry time and my house doesnt stink.

  • Christmas Gift Idea #9 – Dog seat belt: I know it may sound silly, but just think for a moment. Does your dog climb into your lap when you are driving? Are you worried she might jump out the open window? What happens if you are involved in an accident? Consider getting a seat belt or a dog barrier. Not only does it keep your dog (and you) safe, it also helps keep the dog hair in one area.

  • Christmas Gift Idea #10 – Dog backpack: Your dog will love this one! When you give your dog a backpack, you give him a sense of purpose. He now has a job! You will also love this because your dog can carry her own trash bags, snacks, water, and leash. Maybe even some of your stuff. Be sure to take the time to research backpacks. One of my absolute favorites is Ruffwear Approach Pack Dog Pack.

  • Christmas Gift Idea #11 – YOU: That’s it. Just you for a day (or an hour). Not you-on-a-cell, or you-reading-playing-fetch. Pay attention to your dog. Take her somewhere and leave your phone home. Consider taking her to an agility center. You are bound to have some fun there! Plan your day and time now before your calendar gets too full during the Christmas Holiday.

When you have purchased your gifts, get creative about wrapping them. You could try using the game listed on #6. Put the treat and the gift under one of the buckets and let your dog find them. You could put the gift in a Christmas gift bag. Your dog can put his head in the bag without hurting himself or forming bad habits. If you really want to wrap the gifts with paper (and want your dog to unwrap it himself), supervise carefully and keep in mind that you might be starting a bad habit. Your dog may have so much fun ripping the paper that he may take to tearing up your mail.

Now that you are armed with ideas, start your shopping (and baking)! Getting your Christmas Shopping done now will give you much needed moments of relaxation during the Holidays. And everyone will love that!

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