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Dog Brush: What Types of Dog Brushes are Available Today?

dog brushes

Summary: We discuss the many different types of dog brushes on the market today so you can select the type that is best for you and your dog.

Dog Brushes

It seems that there are as many kinds of dog brushes as there are dogs. Each dog is different and has different grooming needs. There is a brush for whatever need you may have. Here are a few choices available today. Please be aware that there are many more kinds to choose from.

  • Bristle Brushes. These brushes are great for removing loose hair, tangles and mats. They are excellent for general brushing. They work well with most hair lengths.
  • Combination Brushes. These brushes have the pins on the one side and the bristles on the other. They work well with medium to large size dogs.
  • Pin Brushes. These brushes are good for all size breeds. They help fluff up the coat and help in getting rid of loose hair. These brushes also can come in a style with soft grip handles which makes grooming your dog even more comfortable for you!
  • Rubber Brushes. These brushes are wonderful for giving your special pet that relaxing massage especially at bath time. This brush works best with short to medium length hair.
  • Rakes and Slicker Brushes. These are designed to help you get rid of intense mats especially in long haired dogs. Some of them come with the soft grips which are nice.

Which ever brush or brushes you choose, make certain that you use them. Grooming time can become a real bonding time and a fun time. A favorite is the MiracleCoat Large Comfort Tip Brush available at Amazon. “Miracle Coat combines the secure feel of a soft, non-slip grip with a functional ABS plastic shell. Especially good for curly, wiry, long and wavy coats, the steal pins separate and untangle the fur. To make sure the pins don’t scratch the skin, each pin is coated for comfort. This type of brush also serves as a good all-purpose brush for any dog. Comfort grooming tips for general brushing make this a versatile tool for grooming both small, short hair dogs and cats.”