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Dog Clipper Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Dog Clippers

Dog Clipper Maintenance

Summary: Maintaining your dog clippers in excellent condition is important to keep them from rusting or becoming too dull to cut dog hair. We review a leading brand of products for dog clipper maintenance.

Dog Clipper Maintenance

One of the most used grooming tools that we have is our dog clippers. Fortunately there are many kinds of clippers to choose from. Clippers are such a mainstay of our dog’s grooming that when we need them, we really need them! By maintaining your dog clippers correctly, you’ll be able to add longevity to the lifetime ability of your clippers to be useful and efficient. Otherwise, you will be replacing blades and even the clippers much sooner if not maintained.

A full line of products are available to help keep your dog clippers running smoothly. Generally, a good lubricating oil will have a coolant and a lubricant in one. This allows the oil to help reduce friction, blade wear, and heat. It also provides lubrication for the blades. When your dog clippers work efficiently, it seems like half of your job is done.

Amazon carries several products by Oster for maintaining your clippers and blades. Oster is often considered the standard in lubricating oils/grease for dog clippers. Oster is a premium oil that doesn’t evaporate and will not slow down the blades when clipping your dog.

We recommend that you place just 2-4 drops on the blade before/after each doggie haircut. Even though it is by Oster, it is a great option for practically all dog clippers.

The Oster Clipper Maintenance Kit “enhances the life of your grooming tools and keeps clippers safe and sanitary with these products. Choose from formulas to clean, lubricate and cool all types of clippers and blades.”

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  • Thank you for this info. I’ve been relying on the handy toothpaste to clean my dog clippers but hesitant to use any liquid for fear of blade rust. This solution seems to have good reviews so I’m bound to try it soon.