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What do I do with My Dog Heat Cycle Staining Carpet?

dog heat cycle staining carpet

Summary: Most of the time a female dog is good about cleaning herself during her heat cycle. Occasionally, a dog or specific dog breed can be quite messy during heat cycles. We give you a couple suggestions on what to do when dog heat cycle staining carpet.

Dog Heat Cycle Staining Carpet: Recommended Product

Many dog owners are excited when their breeding female dog is in heat because it only happens 1 to 2 times per year and often means puppies. However, there is also a messy side to a heat cycle. Dealing with potential staining on beautiful carpeted floors can mean headaches!

The product we recommend using for messy heat cycles are disposable dog diapers. They fit securely on your pet and are comfortable and yet leak proof. They have a spot for the tail to stick out of as well. When shopping for doggy diapers, watch what you select as some of the products are made for females and others for males. Some are disposable and others are made of washable cotton. There are pet no leak liner pads available also.

Amazon carries our favorite and top-rated doggy diaper for the messy heat cycle dog – Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers. They come in a couple of sizes depending on the size of your dog. These are ‘DISPOSABLE’ so there is no need to wash.

dog heat cycle staining carpet
Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapersdog heat cycle staining carpet