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Dog Identification: First Things First

dog identification

Summary: Dog Identification must be a priority as soon as he or she is yours! Be sure to include your cell phone number on the identification. When you are looking for your lost dog, there will probably not be anyone home.

Dog Identification: Get Your Dog an ID

There are several different ways to provide identification for your puppy. Some owners prefer to have their puppy micro-chipped and others prefer to have theirs tattooed. These two identification procedures take place at your veterinarian’s office. These are outstanding ways to permanently identify your dog especially if he/she is ever stolen. The more common way to identify your puppy is to permanently attach an identification tag to the puppy’s collar. This is a fine addition to micro-chipping your dog or having your dog tattooed with identification.

Even if your dog has been micro-chipped or tattooed he/she should still wear an identification tag attached to his/her collar. The dog tags come in metal and heavy plastic in various sizes and colors and shapes. Most of the dog identification tags are engraved with the owner’s name, address and phone number including area code. These tags make it easy to identify the owner of a lost pet and help get them back home safely.

Modern trends in dog identification include a flashing attachment to your dog collar that is very visible to motorists. Also, a simple reflective dog tag or reflective dog collar could prove to be a life saver for your dog. Important: We recommend not putting your home phone number on the dog tag, but to place your cell phone number on it instead. Many times dogs are returned to their owner in a very short time of being lost. If you are out looking for your dog (which you probably will), then you are more reachable with a cell phone number on your dog instead of your house line.

Stainless Steel Pet Id Tags with Custom Engraving

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