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My Dog Lacks Energy and Losing Weight

My dog lacks energy and losing weight

Summary: What do you do when your dog is generally healthy and eats well, but just lacks energy and is underweight? What to do when my dog lacks energy and losing weight? We provide some suggestions on what you can do to address this issue.

My Dog Lacks Energy and Losing Weight

It is hard to see your dog going down hill and lacking his normal energy to get up and go with you. Or quite possibly your dog is losing too much weight when you are doing your best to see that he or she has enough to eat. Dietary supplements and nutritional products exist to help your dog’s health when faced with similar challenges. carries a product that is specifically formulated for geriatric dogs showing signs of aging. This product is called Cholodin Canine Chewables, and is described as “Containing Choline, Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals. A dietary supplement designed for geriatric pets that show the symptoms of aging. Cholodin may help senior pets with confusion and behavior problems, such as hiding and avoiding humans, or forgetting potty training habits.”

Some products have high caloric formulas that are made just for puppies. They also have nutritional formulas that help increase the survival rate of puppies. These are generally in the form of a paste. We have a high opinion as professional breeders of this type of product. Large breed dogs especially need these types of supplements during early stages of their growing season. There are pet products that increase the appetite which in turn provides extra energy and is great for weight gain. carries a product called Nutri-Cal High Calorie Palatable Dietary Supplement. They describe the product as, “Energize your dog or cat with this palatable high calorie and vitamin dietary supplement. For dogs and cats who will not eat or need an added source of energy. Great for sporting and working dogs. Excellent for pregnant or ill dogs and cats. Especially helpful with the picky eater.”

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