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Seeing Yellow Spots? My Dog is Killing My Grass

dog is killing my grass

Summary: Having once had a lush, green lawn that now has yellow spots all over in it is NOT what you want! We provide an explanation to this lawn problem and give you a suggestion on how to treat it.

Dog Urine: My Dog is Killing My Grass

Having once had a beautiful lawn that now has yellow spots all over in it is NOT what you want! Dog elimination causes your lawn to burn because of the ammonia in the waste of your dog. Fortunately there are new products that help to neutralize the effects of the ammonia.

One type of product is a tablet supplement or snack that your dog ingests. Most of the tablets are fortified with additional vitamins and minerals. Your dog will probably think of them as a snack! The tablets counteracts the ammonia this is eliminated from your dog. This is a popular solution with patchy grass and dead spots in lawns caused by dogs.

A product like we just described is available from Amazon. It is GrassSaver® Plus Enzymes Soft Chews. This is simply given to the dog just as any dog treat. It comes in a chewable tablet. The neutralizing ingredients in this product are probiotics and enzymes which reduce the urine nitrogen in dogs. These ingredients effectively counteract the production of ammonia with your dog. It is made in the USA.

GrassSaver® Plus Enzymes Soft Chews

Another option that you have to treat brown or yellow patches in your lawn comes in a spray that you apply directly to your lawn. This is an effective way to restore green to the damaged lawn spots from dog urine. Amazon carries a product called Earth’s Balance Dogonit Lawn Rejuvenator. “Reverses the damaging, burning effects of dog urine on your lawn by restoring it naturally. This probiotic soil treatment uses organic enzymes with soil cleansers to flush the salts from the root zone, allowing the turf to repair itself. If the condition is caught soon enough, the burn can be prevented. Contains no harsh chemicals and is biodegradable.”

There are also products that have scents in them that dogs like. These products will encourage them to do their business close to the attractant. You can now have a beautiful lawn and a dog! Neighbors will be surprised and envious that you can have both. Look for a product called ‘Hydrant Scent Attractant’ that claims to attract dogs through a special scent attractant.

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