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Dog Itching: How to Stop Dog Itching

dog itching

Summary: Does your dog scratch and itch incessantly? Are you fit to be tied because you’ve tried everything to stop the itching? We have come across a great product to help treat dog itching. (Disclaimer: This article contains information that is strictly the expert opinion of personnel or other professional breeders based on their experience. It should not be substituted for a veterinarian’s expert advice.)

Dog Itching: How to Stop Dog Itching

There aren’t many things worse than knowing your pet is totally miserable! The constant dog itching not only can drive you crazy but you know your dog is having a worse time of it than you are. There are several possibilities for your dog’s constant itching that can be diagnosed from home. Some causes of dog itching can only be determined by a vet through testing. Here are a few possibilities:

Causes of Dog Itching

  • Dry Skin. This can be caused by nutritional deficiencies. It will require close scrutiny of your dog’s diet to determine relevance. Sometimes all you need is a supplement to relieve itching.
  • Mange. Skin infestation caused by parasitic mites. This can result in dogs loosing patches hair. A vet will need to make a definite diagnosis on this one.
  • Allergies. Vets that specialize in skin care can best diagnose this. It is usually an allergy to a specific ingredient in dog food.
  • Fleas. A flea treatment is in tall order. Sometimes if the infestation is chronic a vet may have to prescribe something however with new products you should be able to clear it up at home. The easiest way to determine if your dog has fleas is to look for dark specks or fleas on your dog’s belly. Fleas are attracted to the warmth of this area of a dog’s body. I would recommend using the Safari Flea Comb with a Double Row of Teeth from Amazon.

    After using the flea comb, tap it onto a white paper towel. You’ll quickly know if you have fleas! If so, order some Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs. A fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick control product. Within 12 hours Frontline Plus not only kills all of the fleas but also helps prevent future infestations. It is proven to kill all life stages of 4 major tick species. It is very easy to use just follow the instructions. Frontline Plus is waterproof and offers continuous protection for thirty days. Frontline Plus is the top choice of veterinarians.

Breakthroughs in Relieving Dog Itching

We have come across a product that has shown effectiveness in temporarily stopping dog itching. At least that is what many customers have claimed. The product is called Grizzly Salmon Oil All-Natural Dog Food Supplement available at Amazon.
The Oil is derived from 100% pure salmon oil from wild Alaskan salmon. It contains 15+ Omega 3, Omega 6, and fatty acids. (The Omegas tend to reduce inflammation). Grizzly Salmon Oil helps relieve dandruff and dry itchy skin. It adds a beautiful natural shine to your pets coat and gives your pet an all around healthy look. In addition the oil helps provides essential building blocks for a healthy heart and immune system. The Omegas also tend to reduce inflammation.

Some owners swear by Grizzly Salmon Oil in the alleviation of allergies. Most owners agree that their pets enjoy the fishy taste so it is not hard to get them to take it. You simply put the proper amount on their food. The Oil comes in a convenient pump bottle dispenser. A chart on the back of the label tells you the correct amount to use. It is determined by the weight of the dog.

dog itching

Grizzly Salmon Oil All-Natural Dog Food Supplement