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Human Years Age of Your Dog: Dog Years Calculator projects your dog human age as
*Source: WebMD - Pets provides the best chart based on dog years at This chart data has been incorporated into our calculator.


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Calculating dog years simply by using a simple multiplier of ‘7’ is a fallacy. Dogs age very quickly their first year then slow dramatically the next couple of years from the original growth rate. Then depending on the size of the breed, a different calculation is needed for converting dog age to human years. is providing this dog Years Calculator as a service to our dog lover community to help our visitors answer the question ‘How old is my dog relative to human years?’. If you have suggestions or comments regarding this Dog Years Calculator, please direct them to We recommend you reference our Dog Whelping Articles and our Forums for further tips and assistance with issues regarding whelping your dog, dog mating, and raising happy, healthy puppies. We hope you enjoy using our Human Years to Dog Years Calculator.

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