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Puppy Training: Gaining Love and Respect from a Puppy

Gaining love and respect from a puppy

Summary: Puppies learn a great deal about obedience during their first few months. Many people find that what was cute as a puppy, isn’t necessarily cute once their puppy is an adult dog. That’s why it is so important gaining love and respect from a puppy.

Gaining Love and Respect from a Puppy

It is interesting to observe people who try to earn their puppy’s love by letting the puppy always have its own way. They tend to shower their pup with attention and think that everything the little one does is simply adorable. They must be forgetting that what is adorable in a puppy isnt always adorable in a dog. Owners need to remember that your new pet does not know the rules of your home.

It is your responsibility to teach your dog correct manners and correct behavior. If you give into a puppy’s every desire and whim, your puppy will not learn self control or self discipline. You will end up with an out of control dog. When that happens in the long run it will be the dog that will pay the price for your lack of training and leadership. Because no one wants to be around an unruly, out of control and disobedient dog.It is so important to understand that you don’t educate a puppy or dog through love alone. You must train and train some more if you expect to one day have and obedient, happy and loyal companion.

On the opposite end of things we have some people who think that in order to have an obedient dog they must dominate and abuse their puppy. In order to get their puppy to be submissive they are right down mean! This is definitely not the way to earn a puppy’s love, respect or trust! Your puppy needs a clear, kind and patient leader. A leader who will require respect and will give respect.

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