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Helping Newborn Puppy Breathe – Aspirating Newborn Puppies

helping newborn puppy breathe

Summary: Every person who assists a dog with the whelping process should be familiar with helping newborn puppy breathe. Many times a newborn puppy will need some slight assistance to stimulate its breathing. The process is simple, but yet too many puppies die because of a lack of understanding on how to stimulate breathing in a newborn. (Disclaimer: This article contains information that is strictly the expert opinion of personnel or other professional breeders based on their experience. It should not be substituted for a veterinarian’s expert advice.)

How to Aspirate a Newborn Puppy – Helping Newborn Puppy Breathe

You’ve been anxiously awaiting the day when your dog’s puppies are due. Yet, during the whelping process, you can’t figure out why a puppy is struggling to breathe and are not sure what to do. This is more common than you might think. So first of all, relax and prepare to take some simple measures helping newborn puppy breathe. The first thing you should do after the sack has been removed is check the puppy to make certain it is breathing. If is not breathing or breathing very shallow, place the puppy in a small towel and pick it up with both hands. Start rubbing it back and forth with the towel. This not only cleans and dries the puppy it also has been commonly known to stimulate its breathing.

If rubbing the puppy does not get the puppy breathing on its own, then the puppy’s airway passages may be blocked with fluid. Simply using a sterile bulb syringe like the BreederBulb Syringe may do the trick. Or there is a device called the FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator. It is a reliable and economical device which is safe, reliable and easy to use. Put the small tube inside of the puppy’s mouth and the large tube in your mouth. You can then gently suck the mucus out of the puppy’s airway. You may need to try this several times in order to get all the mucus out. If the puppy is still not breathing you will need to do CPR. Pinch the nostrils gently closed and blow carefully in the puppy’s mouth. Remember to blow gently since the puppy’s lungs are very small and can only handle a little pressure.

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