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Dog Leashes: How to Select a Dog Leash?

How to select a dog leash

Summary: A simple yet functional dog leash will afford you and your dog many enjoyable walks together hassle-free. Retractable and leather dog leashes are the most popular.

How to Select a Dog Leash

There are as many different dog leashes as there are puppy collars and dog collars. Dog leashes come in all colors, sizes and styles. Many people like to have matching puppy leashes and puppy collars or dog leashes and dog collars. When choosing a dog leash look for ones that are four to six feet in length. These dog leashes will allow for total control of your puppy or dog and also allow it the freedom to do its business. Check to make sure that the clasp of the dog leash is secure and will not open unexpectedly.

Some dog/puppy owners prefer a leather leash for big dogs. These types of dog leashes seem to be more gentle on the hands. Many popular leashes are retractable. These leashes usually are made with a plastic handle. The retractable leashes give your dog an extra amount of freedom to explore while you are still in control. The Flexi Neon Cord Dog Leash is labeled as ‘Amazon’s Choice’. ” Reflective 16 ft cord leash that helps increase safety for dogs and their owners – for dogs weighing up to 44 lbs. Reflective stickers and neon-colored components for better visibility.”

Flexi Neon Cord Dog Leash

The retractable leash is easily reeled in when you need the puppy/dog close to you. Retractable dog leashes are handy and can allow your pet even more freedom when on a walk. This is due to the retractable feature that extends the dog leash many more feet than the regular dog leashes.

The puppy leash or dog leash is really a matter of your preference. It is nice to have both the regular puppy leash or dog leash and the retractable dog leash. There’s not much to ‘how to select a dog leash’.