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How to Give Pills to Your Dog?

how to give pills to your dog

Summary: Learning a safe and effective method for how to give pills to your dog (medicine) is necessary for your dog’s health. Too many times, a new dog owner will waste several pills trying to get their dog to swallow a pill. This also doesn’t help your relationship with your dog. We review several techniques to try with your dog to help you with this problem.

How to Give Pills to Your Dog?

The quickest and easiest way to give a dog a pill is to put the pill in some cream cheese, a small piece of meat (like a hot dog) or peanut butter. Give it to your dog and he/she will gulp it right down. The dog will think you’re a hero for giving him/her the treat. If you need to divide a dog’s pill you can purchase a pill splitter at most drug stores. They make it so easy to correctly split the pills. Some are quite inexpensive and are well worth the cost.

If you have a puppy that eats only the good stuff and spits out the pill you will have to go with another method. Open the top of the puppy’s mouth with one hand. With the other hand place the pill on the back of the puppy’s tongue as far as you can and push it out of sight. Close the pup’s mouth and hold it closed while rubbing its throat until it swallows the pill.

A product on the market today called Greenies Pill Pockets allows you to insert the pill inside of a snack treat that has been designed to hold dog pills (capsules or tablets). These products have been described as “Patented Pill Pockets take the hassle out of medicating your dog, while providing your dog with a healthy treat.” Greenies Pill Pockets is described as, “the idea is simple. If you put medication inside something dogs actually like, then giving pills becomes a lot easier. The delicious pocket masks any hint of medicine, making Greenies Pill Pockets a stress free pill delivery treat. This special allergy recipe is for dogs sensitive to commonly used proteins & carbohydrates often associated with itching and skin problems (usually an adverse reaction to a particular protein ingredient in the food or treat, such as beef, dairy, chicken wheat, eggs, corn & soy). ”

Alternative Methods to Give Pills to Your Dog

An alternative to these conventional methods of how to give pills to your dogs is to use what’s called a ‘Pet Piller’ or ‘Apothecary Pill Dispenser’ depending on who it is sold by. This inexpensive tool is simple to administer and is safe to your dog. carries the Pet Piller Tablet & Capsule Aid for Dogs, and is described as “Administers tablets and capsules to dogs safely, quickly, and easily. Has a soft rubber tip, is gentle to the dog’s mouth, easy to clean, designed by a veterinarian, appreciated by users, and the right size for small dogs.”

The Bullseye Pillgun is described on as “a durable instrument used to administer tablets, capsules and even small boluses of various shapes and sizes to small animals.”

7 Steps on How to Use the Pill Gun for Your Dog?

“Oral Meds (were) designed by a veterinarian for use in his own practice. Finding some pets impossible to medicate orally, he devised a simple, accurate instrument to administer tablets and capsules to dogs and cats. Now, you too, can medicate your pet the professional way. Instructions for Use: ”

  1. “Before use, remove paper collar. To insert tablet into the Pill Gun, remove plunger, insert tablet into barrel and replace plunger. Alternatively, push plunger in to open the end of the barrel tip (claw), insert pill into the claw as plunger is retracted.”
  2. “Place your index and middle fingers under the bars of the Pill Gun. Adjust the bars snugly to your fingers, permitting complete control.”
  3. “To open your pet’s mouth, place your free hand over the top of its head.”
  4. “Using your thumb and middle finger, apply pressure on each side of the head at the point where the jaws hinge.”
  5. “As the mouth opens, insert the Pill Gun over the tongue and to the back of the mouth. Quickly push the plunger to administer medicine.”
  6. “Rinse with water and allow to dry after each use.”
  7. “Withdraw plunger when not in use.”