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Puppy Temperature Taking: How to Take the Temperature of a Puppy

Summary: Puppy Temperature Taking – ‘How do I take my puppy’s temperature and what should a puppy’s temperature be?’ We attempt to answer these questions in our Puppy Temperature Taking article.

Puppy Temperature Taking: How to Take the Temperature of a Puppy

You will need a rectal thermometer. The most common one is glass with the rounded blunt end. There is also a digital kind. These come with replaceable see-through covers which are disposable. The glass thermometers must be wiped thoroughly with alcohol before using to take the temperature of a puppy or dog.

After complete cleaning, put a dab of lubricating jelly on the end of the thermometer and insert it into the puppy’s rectum about an inch. Try to distract the puppy by talking to him while you hold the thermometer in place for about two minutes.

Pet-Temp Ear ThermometerPuppy Temperature Taking

Most dogs have the normal temperature of between 101 and 102.5. One modern alternative to a rectal thermometer is a digital thermometer like Pet-Temp Instant Ear Thermometer carried at Amazon. This thermometer is an amazing advancement in technology allowing you to take a dog’s temperature in 1 second! It’s useful for taking a pet’s temperature after injury, trauma, surgery, or vaccinations. It’s not just for puppies but can be used on a pregnant dog to help determine when puppies are close to being born.

Reminder with Puppy Temperature Taking: Any temperature over 103 degrees F is a fever and needs attention from your veterinarian.