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Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs and Reviews

Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs

Summary: Since writing an article about the dangers of rawhide, I have had several requests to give some rawhide alternatives for dogs. As noted in said article, there are many problems that can be associated with the use of some rawhide and chews. While there are some GREAT products made in other countries, in this article I am going to focus on a few products made in the U.S.A.

Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs

There are many products out there. Some will say American made, but be sure to read the fine print. Sometimes these companies will get some of their products from the U.S. but then send their products to other countries for processing. Don’t be fooled! Do your research and choose the product that best fits your needs and specifications.

6 Considerations When Buying Traditional Rawhide Alternatives

There are several tips to consider when buying rawhide alternatives for dogs.

  1. Pay more for quality: The price difference isn’t that big and the benefit of safety is worth the cost.

  2. Made in the U.S.A.: In the United States we have more rigid manufacturing and food safety laws than in many other countries. (As I mentioned above many products made in other countries are fantastic! I just prefer to keep my money in the U.S.)

  3. Ingredients: Look at the ingredients list of anything you feed your dog. Read and learn what the ingredients mean. You will be surprised by what some of those technical terms actually stand for.

  4. Shape: Yes, the shape of the chew makes a difference! I do not recommend buying the rawhide with knots on the ends. Those knots come off without much aggression from your dog and can easily end up being swallowed whole. When buying chews, try to get a simple shape.

  5. Size: Buy the right size for your dog. Most packaging has a recommended dog size for the chew. Follow the manufacturer guidelines. It’s important!

  6. Supervise: Keep an eye on your dog when he or she is enjoying their treat. You are your dog’s best protection.

Suggested Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs

Now you might be asking yourself where do I buy the right dog chew? Here are some products and companies I would recommend:

  • Best Bully Sticks – Elk Antler Dog Chew Elk antler dog chew. These are naturally shed elk antlers and not cut off from captive bull elk in their seasonal prime. This chew is suitable for puppies for even senior dogs. They are made in the USA and are from Rocky Mountain Elk. One of our favorite benefits of this chew is the lack of odor associated with it. It lasts a very very long time and it is a good source of calcium and minerals.

rawhide alternatives for dogs
Grade-A Medium Split Elk Antler Dog Chew (1 Antler) Sourced in the USA

  • Sam’s YamsRawhide Alternatives for Dogs – Makers of a Veggie Rawhide. The company, Front Porch Pets, produces many varieties of sweet potato products. If your dog is anything like mine, she loves her fruits and veggies! This is a fun alternative to the regular treats and chews on the market.

rawhide alternatives for dogs
Sam’s Yams Big Boyz Sweet Potato Dog Treats, 15 oz, 425 grams

  • Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy: Try this best selling chew toy on Amazon. It has thousands of positive reviews. Made in the USA. Real Bacon flavor. It also has a patented, curved wishbone design making it easy for your dog to grab. This chew toy is not meant to be consumed by your dog. The manufacturer recommends replacing at sign of significant wear. They don’t recommend this for dogs over 70 pounds.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

In summary, not all rawhide or chews are bad. Be aware when shopping. Watch ingredients and manufacturing country. Shop smart and read reviews!

Good luck with your decision!

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