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9 Signs of Worms in Dogs

signs of worms in dogs

Summary: Worms are a common parasite found in dogs. There are many kinds of worms that can infest your pooch. There are different symptoms for different types of worms. This is a compiled list of 9 signs of worms in dogs*.

9 Signs of Worms in Dogs – How to Tell if Your Dog Has Worms

  1. Appetite or Vomiting: This can mean loss of appetite or a change in appetite. If you notice your dog eating strange things, like dirt or plants, or vomiting frequently, this can be a symptom that he is feeling unwell (or maybe hes just really curious!)
  2. Pot Belly: Especially in puppies if you notice a distended abdomen, more so than just regular feeding, your dog could have worms in his intestines.
  3. Weight Loss: Your dog could lose weight without encouragement, (diet, exercise, etc.)
  4. Diarrhea: Sometimes bloody, can indicate worms.
  5. Coat or Skin Change: Loss of hair or general luxury of coat or appearance of strange rashes.
  6. Lethargy: A dog that is infested with worms will often feel too tired to play.
  7. Anemia: This is when the blood cell count is low. You can diagnose this by checking your dog gums. If they appear pale (not pink or red), your dog may have a parasite. This can occur if your dog has fleas or ticks as well. Or if he is dehydrated.
  8. Continual Licking or Scooting on Rear: Dogs with worms may spend a lot of time trying to lick their anus and/or scoot around on their rear (all over your carpet!).
  9. Segments of Worms in Their Stool or Anal Area: Worm segments look like small grains of rice or like sesame seeds. If you see these in your dog’s stool or around his anus, its pretty sure that your dog has worms.

Treatment for Worms in Dogs

Most worms are easy to treat. If you think your dog has worms, take him to the veterinarian to determine what type of medication you should use. Some worms can be passed to humans. If your child (or you) contracts worms from your pet, take him/her to the Doctor. These are usually very easily treated when caught early. Also, there is over the counter medications for worming your dog.

*This list may not be complete. Consult a veterinarian if you are concerned that your dog might have worms.

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