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Stop Dog from Digging: My Dog is Digging Up My Yard!

Stop Dog from Digging

Summary: Dogs dig for so many different reasons, but the end result is frustration for the owner or neighbor when the dog is digging in places where it shouldn’t. We provide some helpful training techniques for you to try to stop dog from digging.

Stop Dog from Digging

Dogs dig for so many different reasons. Some dig to bury their treasures. Some dig because they are bored. Some dogs dig to escape confinement. Some dig just for the fun of it. Others still dig just to cool off.Dogs that are bored will be helped with having numerous toys to play with and having things to chew on such as knuckle bones. These dogs need extra exercise. Digging often allows the dog an avenue for releasing saved up energy. Also try more walks and spending more time together.

For dogs that dig to escape confinement, try burying wire mesh like chicken wire around the perimeter of the fence. Have the perimeter cemented. Some use underground fences that will give your pet a small shock. Another possibility is called an electric fence or hot Wires.

If your dog is digging just for the fun of it, a great suggestion would be to have a hose with a sprinkler attached to it. Set it up where your dog usually digs. When the dog starts digging, turn the hose on fully and let the sprinkler teach your dog a lesson. A water pistol that shoots a long distance would also be useful. A few times being watered may teach him or her an effective lesson.

Try setting up some shade for the dog that digs to just get cooled off. It has been said that a dog hates to dig through its own feces. So if the dog digs in the same spot, put the dog’s feces in the hole and bury it. Few dogs will enjoy digging there. There are a few products on the market especially designed to repel dogs. Some of them are powder that you sprinkle on the ground and some are dog sprays.

Product to Stop Dog from Digging has a product from No Dig Lawn & Yard Spray by Pet Organics . They describe the product as, “No Dig! Behavior aid helps train pets not to dig in a yard or flower beds. Contains no harsh chemicals. No unpleasant odors. Simply spray over area to keep dogs away.”

If the digging takes place inside the dog’s kennel there is an effective and fast way to cure the dog from this destructive habit. It is called kennel flooring. It is super easy to install and you won’t have to build an expensive concrete floor. It is a wonderful solution to digging.

If nothing else works, some veterinarians will actually de-claw a dog. It will need to be done under general anesthesia. The dog’s last joints of his toes are removed and the skin is stitched up. It is a painful procedure and afterwards the dog must wear heavy bandages for up to two weeks. We recommend exhausting all other alternatives before you consider this option. If you have additional suggestions to stop dog from digging up a yard behavior or have experience with one of these methods, we invite you to leave a comment below.

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  • We had a dog that would dig up the garden due to the goat fertilizer we were using. It is so irritating and expensive! I found that if I sprinkle some cayenne pepper (I use the powder) on the ground, it stopped my dog from digging in those areas. Sometimes, however, a dog can develop a liking for the pepper. In that case, I don’t know what to tell you. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.