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Considering Your Dog’s Needs When Travelling

The presence of dogs makes everything fun, especially when they tag along on your vacation. However, travelling with a dog requires a lot of preparation. Before going on a holiday with your furry family member, make sure you have got all these variables sorted to ensure a stress-free journey.

Look for dog-friendly accommodation

Take your time in searching for a place to stay because The Spruce claim that good pet-friendly hotels go the extra mile in welcoming animals. Some even offer dog beds, as well as dog spas and doggie day care. Before booking the reservation, be sure to assess everything, especially the costs. There are lodges that charge for a non-refundable pet deposit upon arrival and a daily pet fee.

If you are planning a camping trip, double-check if your destination allows dogs. Although it is common to assume any outdoor area is open for pets, there are actually some national parks that ban their dogs from entering.

Bring extra dog supplies

Just like us humans, dogs have their travel essentials! Go Fetch listed some of the most important dog supplies owners need to pack for their trips. For your canine buddy’s sake, don’t count on purchasing dog food from another country or town. Your dog’s tummy may not be used to the options available there. Therefore, it’s always best to bring plenty of food from home that your dog is used to eating.

Another crucial item is your dog’s crate. If you’re travelling by car, it’s absolutely vital to have your dog safely in the crate on the backseat. No need to worry as they don’t usually mind! In fact, the crate will keep your pooch protected while in a moving vehicle. Meanwhile, if you are travelling by plane, make sure to leave a generous amount of food and water inside so your dog stays satiated during travel.

Don’t forget to bring your pup’s favourite toys, too. When bored, your dog may exhibit destructive behaviour such as chewing, barking, and scratching. Toys keep them occupied, so you have one less concern to worry about.

Prepare the paperwork

Travelling with a dog involves a lot of documents, especially if you are taking flights. A common requirement airlines ask for is an updated health certificate for your dog. Other specifications may include records on vaccinations and blood tests.

Consider getting health insurance for your dog. Ask a Breeder previously stated that health insurance is definitely handy in the event of an accident involving your dog. Also, if your pooch has a health condition that requires regular medications, don’t forget to bring the prescription papers.

Secure the proper identification tags

You never know what to expect when you bring a dog to an unfamiliar place, that’s why microchipping is important. It helps owners track the location of their dogs if they get separated. In case your dog’s health condition prevents the procedure, at least let your buddy wear a collar with an identification tag that has your name and contact number on it. Paw Culture stresses that it should be done even if your canine friend doesn’t usually wear a collar at home.

On top of all these preparations, a visit to your vet is highly advised to inform them of your travel plans. They are best qualified to give you advice on what travelling arrangements you should make.

Once you’ve checked everything off your list, you can now look forward to more memorable experiences alongside your four-legged friend.