Bad Breeder. Wags and Wrinkles



I contacted the breeder who muddled hello & I had to ask if I had the right number to purchase a shar pei. I asked for reasons to use her and she said it was my decision. She kept demanding I use a wire transfer, telling me that’s how she does business & no one else cares. She then agrees to a cashier check for the deposit. She won’t take whole payment up front via cashiers check, her reason is she would have it all spent if something happened. Ultimately she changed the plan and wanted a wire transfer for the second part once she received the deposit. When I wanted to send a check she cancelled the sale. There is nothing online confirming the legitimacy of this company but do not wire transfer them money, it is the biggest way to scam you from it. The sad thing is my wife and kids were lead on by this individual.