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Granted what was done to you, was shady beyond all reason, I would NEVER do to a puppy home. EVER! That’s crap. I don’t price my puppies or take deposits till 4 weeks and then that’s a promise, a legal one. I have a contract.
You can sue her, though I don’t know if it’d be worth it. That puppy BELONGED to you the second you gave her money for it. I don’t care if she changed her mind, she made a sales agreement with you.
So while what she did was wrong in the way in which she did it- What breeders have is called “First Pick”….this is an implied privilege. As a breeder we get first “dibs” on excellent examples of our breed for show, our lines, trials, or to keep for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with breeding, like if a pup is just way too small to breed and we want to make darn sure it’s spay or neutered, we will keep a pup long enough to have them fixed before selling. A pick of litter pup is ALWAYS implied, ANY breeder you deal with- be aware that they will take first pick of the best of what THEY produced because that’s what we are working towards. After THAT, all pups should be open to sell to anyone the breeder deems appropriate. Also- breeders reserve the right to deny a sale at any time for any reason w/out notice so long as the buyer is reimbursed if a sale must be cancelled. Again, not something I’d do. And I’d never cancel a sale unless I discovered something scary, like animal abuse charges, or criminal behavior etc.
So while what she did was shady, she *does* have breeders right to keep any puppy she produced. I think next time, get it in WRITTING, a CONTRACT, not just a sales slip. I honestly would report her to her local USDA or AKC/CKC/or breed specific breed club the breeder is a member of.

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