Pet Stores and Puppy Mills… Are They Related?

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    Many pet store animals are sick because they come from Midwestern puppy mills —

    Puppy Mills are breeding operations where crowding and neglect are the rule. If you google “puppy mill” you will find so many disgusting photos and stories. Please be prepared BEFORE you look at those sites. They are very hard to deal with and might give you nightmares. As their name implies, puppy mills churn out puppies like factories turn out auto parts. And their purpose is the same: to make money.

    Remember that just because you buy a pure-bred dog, it doesn’t guarantee health or temperament. Reputable breeders can tell you about the mother and father of the puppy. They can give you WAY MORE information about their puppies and their socialization. The puppy mills can’t give you any information other than the breed of the puppy.

    Please educate yourself before buying!

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    No ethical and proffessional breeder would EVER sell pups to a petstore. Petstores don’t take care of their pups and the breeder wouldn’t be able to screen new parents. All petstore dogs come from Puppy Mills, PERIOD. These dogs have tons of health issues- though sometimes you can luck out. Usually that cute little puppy in the window just ends up being a nightmare.

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    Pet stores by from puppy mills because most REPUTABLE breeders will not sell their puppies to pet stores.

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      99% of puppies in pet stores come from puppy mills. Please don’t buy a puppy from a store. Adopt from your local rescues. You can get almost any type of dog there. If you really want a certain breed, and you can’t find one from your rescue, look for a reputable breeder. Ask questions. Read references. One of my personal favorite dog breeders (where we got our puppy) is Kooskie Kennels. Getting a puppy from breeders like them is a wonderful experience. When we were searching for our puppy, we looked a lot of places. We did a lot of research. Some kennels had plenty of references, others were unwilling to supply any. Some kennels had everything in order and knew what they were talking about when I asked about health guarantees and vet certifications. Others were not so knowledgeable. We finally decided on There are many reputable sources for getting a dog or puppy. Do your research and please don’t buy from a pet store. We need to all work together to put these puppy mills out of business.

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