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    I have a 6 lb. male & 10 lb. female yorkies that I’ve been trying to breed. The male can’t reach the right spot to tie. They love each other & try really hard. Other than putting him on a pillow, or other elevated surface, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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    my pregnant yorkie Apricot is about to have puppies, her temp dropped to 99.9 but then after a few hours it spiked back up. Every website I have been on says the dogs temp will spike up really high then drop again , but in this case her temp keeps going around 100. 1 and 101.0 in the morning and 99.9 and 99.5 at night! This is my first time breeding and I am really confused because she is showing all the signs that she if almost ready to whelp her pups. Thanks for the help.

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    Hi guys, i’m in need of some help!
    I’ve been searching all websites for boxers and i honestly can’t find anything. My boxer bitch is on her 3rd heat and we’ve taken her to a boxer stud for mating, they’ve been seeing eachother everyday for just over a week now. Just yesterday the stud began to just lick her, but not do anything… But she tried to mate him instead… My boxer bitch isn’t acting herself and i don’t know whether she’s pregnant or not… She lays down for about 2 minutes then moves again, this keeps happening, she can’t stay still!! I’ve done a lot of research on it but i’m still not too sure..
    Can anyone help? Thanks.

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    well i think that your dog should be ok usually genetics make the puppy not so large when being delivered but when they get older! and if anyone asks me how do i know this because i have a small mix bred dog and a large pedigree cattle dog and they mated our small mix bred dog delivered the pups with no trouble , but i still recommend taking your dog to the vet for regular check ups.

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    If I am correct it is possible for a dog to carry pups from different sires in the same pregnancy. I have heard of this about 5 times in my life.

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    I would say you need to get a hold of a vet ASAP because if she goes into labor she will probably die, those puppies will be to big for her to deliver naturally, it only takes seconds, once the tie is achieved the deed is done. And, not to harp, but you should of had her spayed, then this would of never happened. I hope your girl is still with you. Not sure how long ago this was posted. Get her to a vet ASAP if she hasn’t already had the pups. You can usually work out a payment plan with them.

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    Did no one comment on your question to give u an answer?? Wish I had one for u but I’m in the same situation!! I never intended for my rat terrier mix,Gracie to have puppies either. I’m not positive that she is pregnant but Thursday I put her in the kennel to relieve herself,I went inside and 5 minutes later I heard her screaming and I ran outside and a dog had tied w her THROUGH the FENCE!!! This dog was about the size of a lab and she’s only 15 pds. She has a vet app Thursday but I’m going crazy wondering what the outcome of all this will be until then:(

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    Her nipples have started weeping, how long does labour occur after this?

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      I have really only ever been through one pregnancy with a dog and that was six weeks ago. My girl did not show any signs of weeping until after birthing. But I am no specialist in this field. Was wondering and hoping things came out all right for you, I am going to assume that pregnancy is different in different breeds, meaning not all are alike?. Anyone?

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