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Pug Heat Cycle

Pug Heat Cycle

Summary: Have you ever wondered what the signs of a Pug heat cycle? In this article we will review the 4 stages of the Pug heat cycle. We will also tell the signs to be watching for to let you know if your Pug is in heat. Knowledge will help you worry less about unwanted puppies.

What are the Signs of a Pug Heat Cycle?

One of the biggest problems that many female Pug owners deal with is preventing unwanted puppies. If you have an intact male (Sire), along with a female (Dam or Bitch) that has not been spayed you must be very vigilant or prepare one day to find a surprise of puppies. The main responsibility to prevent unwanted pregnancy lies with owners of all pugs. However, the majority of the work is always on the part of the dam’s owners.

For you to prevent or prepare for pregnancy, it is very important that you know when your Pug can become pregnant. Your Pug can get pregnant during her heat cycle (called the estrus stage). It is important to know that Pugs DO NOT go through menopause as they get older. It is true that as Pugs grow older they become less fertile, but, it is never wise to assume that age will protect against pregnancy. It is very possible for your older Pug can become pregnant.

Pugs usually will have two heat cycles per year; however, some Pugs will have heat cycles every five to eight months. Each Pug may differ in length of the heat, discharge amount, messiness, and personality changes. Watch your Pug and learn the specific signs of her cycle. Pugs are so individual that she may go through several heat cycles before you figure out what is normal for her.

If you have decided to breed your Pug, you should at least wait until she is in her third heat before breeding her. There are several things you should do before breeding her.

  1. She should be vet checked to be certain she is healthy.
  2. She should be definitely up-to-date on all of her shots.
  3. You should choose her mate carefully by requiring that he is also vet checked and up- to-date on his shots to include the Kennel Cough shot.
  4. Ask questions about his temperament.
  5. Focus on improving the Pug breed.

Four Stages of the Pug Heat Cycle

  1. Proestrus Stage
  2. Estrus Stage
  3. Diestrus Stage
  4. Anestrus Stage

Your female Pug is not fertile during the first days of the proestrus stage. However, do not let your guard down and keep in mind that male sperm can live for several days inside of the female. It is so important to watch her closely. It is worth considering buying some appropriately sized dog diapers or dog pants to protect her from mating with unwanted suitors. Unwanted pregnancies can compromise your Pug’s health and the genetics of the puppies.

Dog Diapers for Pugs to Prevent Pregnancy

There are several types of dog diapers and pants available for smaller dogs such as Pugs. Using dog diapers can help in the preventing of staining carpet and furniture during her heat cycle. Dog Diapers may be a great way to possibly protect your Pug from unwanted pregnancies as well. Dog diapers usually mean a lot less cleanup for you. There are several types of dog diapers to choose from. There are the disposable and the reusable dog diapers. Each one has benefits of its own. Some pet owners prefer to use disposable just for their convenience. The reusable dog diapers can be washed and reused. Reusable dog diapers come in assorted fabrics, colors and patterns. ‘Pet Parents’ makes a washable dog diaper available at Amazon that comes in a 3 pack. It has 3 different sizes (small, medium, and large). This product works very well for the intended purpose and is even listed as ‘Useful for female dogs in heat.’

Some pet owners prefer to use disposable just for their convenience. The reusable dog diapers can be washed and reused. Reusable dog diapers come in assorted fabrics, colors and patterns. Pet Magasin makes a washable dog diaper available at Amazon that comes in a 3 pack. It has 4 different sizes (x-small, small, medium, and large). This product works very well for the intended purpose and is even listed as ‘Useful for female dogs in heat.’

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If you prefer a disposable dog diaper for controlling your Shih Tzu heat cycle, then try the <Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diaper 30pk for Pugs. These disposable dog diapers come in 5 sizes from x-small to x-large.

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Other products that are well worth considering are dog wipes, that deodorize and clean. Our favorite is the Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spring Water Wipes for Pugs

4 Stages of the Pug Heat Cycle

It is so very important to know when your Pug is coming into heat and going out of heat. Some of the signs are clear and there are some subtle clues. Always pay attention to your own female Pug and learn her behaviors. This will help in understanding what’s going on when she ‘does’ come into heat.

Proestrus Stage for Shih Tzus

This stage of the female heat cycle can last from 4-20 days. The average is usually 7-10 days. There are 4 common signs for a Shih Tzu in heat during this stage:

  1. Swollen Vulva: This is one of the better ways to spot the start of a Pug’s heat cycle. Her vulva may become 3-4 times its regular size. You will notice the swelling is a significant difference over the normal appearance of her vulva. Her teats may also swell slightly, but this is can be hard to tell.
  2. Discharge: Your female Pug may begin spending a lot of time licking herself to keep clean. Pugs are generally good at keeping themselves clean. If in doubt about the possibility of discharge take a tissue and wipe her vulva. If you notice a red discharge, and her vulva is swollen, that is a pretty good indication that she is definitely coming into heat. It is important to check for this, because timing is the key when it comes to a pregnancy. The first day you notice the bloody discharge is “DAY 1”. It is best to mark it on your calendar or make sure to remember.
  3. Suitors: A female Pug in heat produces a substance called pheromones. It is this substance that attracts all male dogs. This third sign of a Pug in heat is not found on your dog, but it is in the presence of other dogs. You will probably notice neighbor dogs frequenting your house yard. Due to their incredible sense of smell, they can smell your Pugs’s heat cycle even a mile or more away.
  4. Behavior: During this time the female Pug will NOT show interest in mating. She may become somewhat clingier to her owners and maybecome much more excitable. If a male should attempt to breed her she will probably show agitation and may growl, she may sit down or run away. She may even snap at him.

Estrus Stage for Pugs

The Estrus Stage of the Shepard Heat Cycle typically lasts from about 5-14 days. During this time your Pug is fertile (her actual heat). During this stage, the discharge usually changes from red to more of a straw color. In many Pugs, it is still somewhat pink, but you will notice a definite change in color from the beginning of the proestrus stage to this estrus stage. The change usually will occur around days 8-9. Your female will be willing to accept a sire during this stage. She will move her tail to the side signaling that she is ready for action. She might whimper and want to be outside more. Your Pug is following her instinct to breed. This is the most important time to keep a close eye on her. Pugs can be tricky and even if she is in a kennel, she can still end up pregnant.

Male dogs have been known to impregnate a bitch through the holes in a chain link fence! Be very cautious where you keep your Pug. Otherwise, you are going to be ordering DNA testing kits to determine the authenticity of your purebred puppies. To determine the Pug’s due date, use our Pug Pregnancy Calendar Calculator.

If you notice strange males in your yard, keep your female away from them. Bring your dog inside and wait for the males to leave. When male dogs are anxious to breed, they can be much more likely to bite. Do not take your Pug to the pet store or the dog park because you can inadvertently cause problems that you do not want. It is best to just keep her at your home.

Diestrus Stage for Pugs

The Diestrus Stage of the Pug heat cycle most generally begins around day 24. This stage can last from 60 to 90 days. Your Pug is no longer fertile at this point. Her discharge will change from straw colored to red and then will completely stop. However she will still has a scent which will attract unwanted attention, so wait until she has completely stopped bleeding before taking her into public places.

Anestrus Stage for Pugs

The Anestrus Stage is the fourth and final stage of the Pug’s heat cycle when your Pugs body returns to normalcy. This last stage can last from 60-90 days, when it is over, the entire heat cycle will start all over again.

Summary: Pug Heat Cycle

Remember to pay attention to your Pug. Begin to understand what her heat signs and her behavior mean. Know where she is at all times during her fertile time, this will help you prevent an unwanted Sire from mating with your Pug. Make certain to have her vet checked and be sure that you are willing to go through all the work necessary to raise Pug puppies responsibly BEFORE you breed her. If you do have a male and have no interest in using him as a stud dog, please do have him neutered. Otherwise, please review our article 10 Tips on How to Stud a Pug