Puppies from Pet Stores

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    The odds of getting a sick animal at a pet shop are disturbingly high. More than half the out-of-state puppies sold in California pet stores were ill or incubating a disease, according to a survey commissioned by the state legislature.

    Some states require sellers to disclose facts about the dog’s health, age, and history. If your state doesn’t require these disclosures by law, ask for the information anyway. Be wary of any seller who can’t or won’t give you answers.

    Overall, you are better off buying a puppy from a REPUTABLE breeder. Please be an educated consumer when looking for a dog.

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    I as a breeder of Pharaoh Hounds, take great care on who I let have one of my puppies, and have turned down prospective owners, mainly on the responses to the questions I ask them, I have also been contacted by people who seem to be puppy farmers, so it is not only stores, who should be careful, but I do agree people should not get pets from stores, but should make extensive inquiries about a breed of dog that they may be interested, and then go to breed clubs which can usually be found on the internet, for advice and for information on breeders, that way there should be no problems with puppies that they get, although nothing is set in stone.

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    Most puppies from pet stores are from puppy mills. The reason most of the puppies there are sick is they haven’t been taken care of. Don’t buy puppies from pet stores.

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      I have a friend who purchased a puppy from a pet store. She is scared of everything. She never wants to be held and has not been socialized. It definitely matters where you get your puppy. Make sure that the puppy you are getting has been socialized.

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        My dog was also purchased at a pet store. We adopted her from the people who originally bought her. She is scared of a lot of things. If we walk by while she is sleeping, she jumps up like something bit her! It’s sad because it will take a lot of work to get her socialized. As a puppy it would have been much simpler. I don’t ever recommend people buying from a pet store. It’s not worth it!

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