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Safe Puppy Toys

safe puppy toys

Summary: Shopping for safe puppy toys for your new puppy requires you to exercise caution for some types of toys. Just because it is labeled a dog toy does not mean it is necessarily safe. Puppy toys though are a must have accessory for your new puppy. Otherwise, you may find chewed up shoes or socks laying around your house.

Safe Puppy Toys

Safe puppy toys are essential for your puppy’s development. Puppies love them as it channels their energy toward a safe and approved object instead of areas of your home that are off limits. Safe puppy toys keep puppies entertained and their minds active doing something good instead of looking for trouble. Puppy toys are a great way to provide a safe way to satisfy your puppy’s desire to chew and will also help remedy their discomfort when teething. Using a dog toy will also help keep those newly developed teeth healthy and strong.

Puppies (like children) can get bored with a toy, so it is best to have many types of puppy toys for them to play with. In fact, the more the better so that you can rotate them. Care should be given to some types of materials that can harbor germs and bacteria. Also, watch for toys that may shrad prematurely or have parts on them that may separate and become a choking hazard for your puppy.

Types of Safe Puppy Toys

Because toys are so necessary, it is very important to choose the right kind of toys. It is good to choose different kinds of textures for your puppy. Rope toys are great for tug of war and to just chew on and carry around. Hard rubber toys in different shapes are fun for your puppy to roll around and chase. If you choose to purchase a rubber ball of some type for your puppy, make sure that it is not able to be swallowed by your puppy.

Important: Do not let your puppy chew on old socks, shoes or anything other than the puppy’s own designated toys. A puppy cannot differentiate between old shoes and new expensive ones. If you elect to allow your puppy to chew on old socks, it will be very difficult for you to re-train your dog to not destroy your new socks when he/she is older.

Toys can also be a very valuable training device. Some toys are made of hard rubber and are hollow inside so that they can be stuffed with treats which act as a reinforcement while your puppy plays, smells, and chews on it. Check out how active the Lhasa Apso Puppy is in the video playing with her toy!

Reviews of Safe Puppy Toys

One of our all-time favorite safe puppy toys is Marvin the Moose by KONG. This dog toy has an extra layer of material to increase it’s strength while your puppy is playing with it. We consider this toy very safe due to the design of the product with a minimal filling. This design keeps less mess around the house as your puppy attempts to destroy the toy. Marvin the Moose also squeaks while your puppy plays with it. There are other characters available utilizing the same design including: Ali the Alligator, Baily the Blue Dog, Buster the Squirrel, Floppy the Rabbit, King the Purple Haired Lion, and several other safe puppy toys.

safe puppy toys
Marvin the Moose by KONGsafe puppy toys

Another one of our favorite safe puppy toys is Tough By Nature Hol-ee Roller. The reviews for this dog toy speak for themselves. “The Hol-ee Roller Mini features a classic, top selling toy in a brand new mini size for puppies and toy breeds. The Hol-ee Roller Mini is a tough, natural rubber ball with hexagon cut-outs and is perfectly sized for small and toy breed dogs. The Hol-ee Roller Mini is also durable and flexible–perfect for teething puppies. Also an ideal treat ball, fill with your dog’s favorite snack.” It’s a certified non-toxic dog toy making it perfectly safe!

safe puppy toys
Tough By Nature Hol-ee Rollersafe puppy toys


  • Hello again. I have a large dog. She is still a puppy, but she’s HUGE! I purchased a large ball from PetCo that was supposed to be strong. My dog loves soccer, so I thought this would be GREAT. I bought it yesterday night. She popped it this morning. VERY disappointed. I am going to return it and see if I can get my money back. It was expensive. It’s about 12″ in diameter and looks like a large tennis ball. If you want something strong, don’t buy this one!

    Now I have one I purchased online at petsmart (the link is on the home page of this site), and let me tell you!!!! It is AWESOME! She hasn’t popped it, and it is very strong. I highly recommend this ball. It’s called the “Almost Indestructible Ball.” The ball I bought from PetCo that popped was $14.99. This one from PetSmart is $9.99! Definitely a better product. I will shop there from now on!

    • Oh yeah, PetSmart is also have a HUGE sale on a lot of their dog clothes. Including halloween costumes. The sales are good online only. Makes it nice having the stuff brought right to my door! =)

  • I have two dogs and live in an area where the nearest place to get dog toys is about 1/2 hour away. Traffic getting there and back was horrible and I was spending about $150 monthly for toys that my first dog would go through in days. If I did not keep her stocked with plenty of toys, she would turn her attention on the furniture.

    Out of frustration, I started searching the web. I have been able to find much better prices at web stores, and better selections. I like the knobbly wobbly ball you mentioned and my dogs like it. I get it delivered from for less than what I was paying at the major brand pet store.

    • I have been shopping online as well. I like seeing all the reviews and what other people think when they tried out toys. My dog is large and we must have robust toys to go along with her robust personality. The “Almost Indestructible Ball” is a great toy for all types of dogs. We also like the “Kong” toys. They have a squeaker toy. We don’t use rawhide anymore, but we have been using other types of chew toys. One of our dogs favorite toys is a stuffed animal. The brand is “Booda” and it is designed for dog use. While other stuffed animals fall apart, this one is very sturdy and lasts a long time (at least it does with my dog). We usually shop at petsmart. Their website is easy to use and they have good sales. We also take our dog into their stores for training. I am impressed with the staff we have worked with.

      • We have the Kong Squeaker toy. It’s GREAT. It’s very durable, and my dog loves it. When her friends come over to play, that’s what they play with most of the time.