Sharon Gray



Sharon Gray I met through breeding. I am a reputable breeder that has been done wrong also by this Sharon Gray. I provided her stud service from my champion sire Yorkie male. She committed a theft of service against me by lying that the pick of litter had died. My pick was to be a female and she said it got tangled in a baby blanket and drowned in a bowl of water. Needless to say we did not believe her. So we sat back and waited to see if she would register the female with AKC. Sure enough she registered the female this year with AKC and the female already had a litter of her own. The female I was to get as my pick was born 8/4/12. The female pick had her first litter 2/2/14. She was just 1 1/2 years old which is too young to breed. Anyone looking to purchase a puppy stay clear from this Sharon Gray that lives in Dixon, IL 815-677-2624 Her website has a fairytale story which turns out to be a nightmare if you buy from her. You can also check her out on just type in her name and you will see what type of breeder she truly is. If you have been done wrong by her, report her on Here is also a youtube video I posted of her trailer that she is raising puppies in. She has shih Tzu & Yorkie dogs stacked up in her trailer.