breach of contract ?

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    i purchased a german shepherd dog from a breeder in new york, after a short period of time my wife insisted that the dogs gait was not right.i called the breeder and he said that was normal in gsd’s.after about a month it did not get bettter but vet then took x rays upon seeing them he diagnosed both hips as sublixated (sic)and severe canine hip dysplasia.i showed the breeder the report and x ray. the next day i called him and he said that when i bought the dog it was alright and the abnormality was caused by an injury and he was not obligated to replace the dog.i had more x rays done and read by a orthopedic vet surgeon and he concurred with my vet. this dog did not have an injury of this severity that i am aware of .the contract states that the breeder will replace the dog in the event of hip dysplasia my family is devastated by this .they grew to love this dog and i am not able to afford the physical intervention costs.what recourse do i have. please any advice will be greatly appreciated..thank you in advance…..lcjay

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    hi sorry to post on your forym but it wont let me start my own. last year we bought a toy poodle from a breeder, all papers say TOY poodle, however since he has grown up he is wwwaaayyy oveer the size of a toy poodle. thinking about it we never saw the parents or even where the dog was kept. what can we do? thanks

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      Elisabeth Kuzniar is constatly changing the kennel’s names so that no one can follow the complaints filed against her. Please find a reputable breeder in the area. There are plenty! Just look. You will be paying a hefty fee for a sick puppy!.

      She doesn’t even take the puppies to the vet as required by law and is blatant about it;. Not once did she clean our puppy’s ear and he had an ear infection?. Our puppy also requires many eye surgeries which she denied he would.. Elisabeth refuses to take care of her puppies and only wants the hundreds of dollars they bring her. She will not work with you to ammend her wrongs”.

      She will not refund any veterinary cost and does not care if you take her to court because, as she stated, “The courts cannot MAKE her pay. She’s a student and she has no assets;.” Those were her words to me. Buyer BEWARE!!! Please, please, buy from a reputable breeder and do not support this woman who breeds and sells sick puppies!!!
      When we took our dog to the vet, we were shocked at his condition and even more shocked to find out that its against the law to sell him without a prior vet visit and health certificate. Then the blows kept coming, no stiches on his amputated dew claw? No vet would have done that. Was it done with home pliers? Then the horrible eye lid problem that was left neglected when they should have been tacked at 4 weeks old. But you would have had to spend a few dollars to get that done. Not an irresponsible backyard breeder yet? What about never having clipped his nails or cleaned his ears? I wonder how he would have gotten that ear infection??? And lets not forget all the fleas that fell off of him right on the doctors table! What? Frontline at $80 too expensive for your money makers? All we asked was for you to refund half of the money you robbed from us to make up the difference we had to pay in vet care that YOU were required to have done by law! More than fair, I thought. You informed me the eye tacking would cost $40. Not tru, again. Only at 4 weeks when YOU were suppose to do it. Not at 14 weeks old. We had to pay over $350 and that was the cheapest we could get it. BECAUSE OF HIS AGE AND WEIGHT. Research it, genius. When we threatened to take you to court and get the money that’s rightfully ours, you smuggly stated that even with a judge’s decision, you could never be made to pay because you are broke. Your words and a clear look into your real character and shadiness. Then last but not least, the fake AKC papers…and it’s only been a week! As for OUR puppy, we paid for the surgery, the ear infection antibiotics, the very expensive eye ointment, Fronline and Heartguard treatment. You see Elisabeth, we are NOT broke and robbing people for money. It was based on principle. Why should you be allowed to profit from illegal activities and using these poor, gorgeous animal to pay for your monthly trailer fees? That’s not fair to them. They deserves better.

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