Breast Cancer

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    I have a beautiful Jack Russell (Parson’s terrier) that I am hoping is
    pregnant. I took her to be vet checked, but he said it was still too
    early to tell. However, he had some shocking news for me–he found a lump
    in her breast tissue. He told me he would recommend chest x-rays and blood
    work and if that came back clear he could spay her and do a
    laser-lumpectomy at the same time. I told him I would think about it. I
    really can’t kill her puppies if she is pregnant. What do you think I
    should do? She is acting very healthy. She eats well, still plays like a puppy
    (especially when a ball is involved!), and doesn’t even seem to notice the
    pea sized lump at all when I rub her tummy. If she is pregnant she is due
    around the 10th of February. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    There is a possibility it could be a cyst. I had a dog that had a cyst in a similar place. Fortunately it was not a tumor. I would definately keep in close contact with your vet and if you have any further questions you may want a second opinion. It would be super hard for me to have the pregnancy ended. Good luck and keep in contact.

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