My Boxer is pregnant

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    Boxer Mommy

    My Boxer is pregnant
    Are boxers good mammas? She is a very sweet girl, so I hope she will be. She is 14 months old and I had not planned to breed her yet. However my male (10 months old) had other ideas. Her puppies will be born February 13th to 17th. I’m pretty sure this was her first heat. Kinda hard to miss. LOL! I’m worried that she is too young. Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated. I’ve never had puppies before.

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    John Mackenzie

    Boxer’s can be very good Moms. She may have a tough time. For bigger dogs like the boxer it is better to wait until they are 2 years old. The best advise I have for you is watch her closely before, during, and after delivery. When they are younger sometimes they don’t understand everything they need to do. Make sure someone is there for the delivery. I would definitely read over the dog whelping topics on this site.
    This will help with the basics. Good luck with your newest additions. :)


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