My Boxer won't GROW UP!

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    My Boxer won’t GROW UP!
    She’s about 2 years now, and she still acts like she’s 2 months! What can I do??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Boxers are considered the Peter Pans of the dog world. They never grow up. Do you find your boxer is being destructive or just having too much boxer fun?

    Do not breed her, that will not solve your problem. My oldest female (she’s 3) is spayed. I would say that helped her but what really helped her mature was bringing a second boxer into the household. She then had a fur friend to go burn out that excess energy. Another benefit of being spayed is then you can go to dog parks and she can participate in doggy day camps and that really helps burn excess energy. I have two other unaltered boxers because they are both show dogs and I know that they really want to participate in activities like that but aren’t allowed to.

    Now if your boxer is being destructive, then what you need is training (again not breeding that will not solve the issue). Boxers are a stubborn breed to train because they would rather have fun than be the “Labradors” of the dog world. ;o) But taking your dog to even a beginners dog obedience class (they have them at Petsmart) it does wonders not only for you but for you dog. I don’t know your specific problems but an excellent place to find answers would be from an online boxer forum like where it is complied of boxer owners from all over, many that could have experienced what you are going through and can provide helpful advice. ;o)

    Good luck and don’t give up! ;o)

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      I agree completely. I just wanted to add something. There is a great technique I have learned that helps when my dog gets too excited. When you come in the door and your dog is trying to jump on you or just wants your attention… just absolutely ignore the dog. Don’t look at him/her, don’t talk to him/her. Just totally ignore your dog. When she calms down, greet her calmly. Just pet her on the head and tell her “good girl”. Be very calm and she will reciprocate. We have been doing this technique for two weeks now, and it’s amazing how quickly her behavior has changed. Good luck!

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    I myself have three boxers. I know they’re a handful, they’re very active. My suggestion is LOTS AND LOTS of exercise. Try having a routine for her. They want a stable enviorment. Play lots of games outside like ball or frisbee.

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      Hi. I really appreciate your advice. I can’t believe you have THREE! They are sure beautiful. Do you breed them? I was told by a friend that if I breed my girl, it will help her calm down. Have you found that to be true?

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