Sick Puppy Discussion

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    John Mackenzie

    Sick Puppy Discussion
    Have you ever dealt with a sick puppy? Generally, when involved with dog breeding the answer would be yes. Please share some of your experiences or ask one of our professional breeders for advice.

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    I know that many breeders face the issue of coccidia and/or girardia. With coccidia being in your home and yard basically forever once it is there, and it is everywhere due to birds, etc. How do you keep pups from contracting this? It appears that no matter how clean their environment is kept, they can get it from their mother who is walking around outside and tracking into their whelping box, in dirt, bird droppings, ect. and just by ingesting microscopic particles of feces from the mother. It would appear impossible to not contract. What are your suggestions to avoid this from occurring. Environment is cleaned literally every 2 hours 24/7, pups kept indoors in good sized play area, never outdoors to reach bird feces,etc. This seems like a taboo subject to bring up to breeders probably because none of them want to admit to their puppies, past or present, ever contracting these parasites. What are your suggestions?

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    Our litter of Labs is 4 weeks old. Until today all of them were doing well. Today the biggest, has been mopping around, threw up and shows no interest in food (for 10hours now). He normally is laid back but very interested in food (teat and puppy slurry). This is our first litter, is this something to worry about? How long until this would be a concern if not now? Thank you.

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