Clickers, Treats, Whistles, Reprimand… Which is best and why?

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    I have a new dog and there are so many different types of training. I am not sure which to go with. I have heard good things and bad things about them. Does anyone have advice? Ceasar Millan is able to get great results, but is that feasible for people like me? What about training with whistles and clickers? I just want my dog to be a good dog and I really want to do it right. PLEASE HELP!

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    I must say that I’ve always had great success from positive reinforcement based training and NILF (nothing in life is free). All of my dogs have gone through Petsmart training. I have a new puppy in the house and taking her to Petsmart training as well and this new trainer introduced us to clicker training and I LOVE it! I’m also re-teaching my others with a click now as well. If you can get your new dog into a basic training class, it is a great educational tool not only for your dog but for you as well. That way you have someone to hands-on show you what to do not to mention valuable socialization for your dog.

    NILF training:

    Positive Reinforcement Training:

    Clicker Training:

    Petsmart Training:

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      You have a lot of good information there. What would you do for a grown dog that is showing slight aggression. i.e. staring, and dominant stature…

      What do you do (with clicker training) when you forget your clicker. Do you have a bridge word or some other way of showing your pleasure in the dogs behavior?

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