Do Puppy Pads Work?

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    I have heard a lot about puppy training pads. Do they really work?

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    I don’t care for pads because they look messy, and pricey. I actually use a litter box. I have a litter pan and I use wood pellets that we use in the pellet burning stove, as litter. I taught my chihuahua to use it from the moment we brought her home.

    Now I train my litters to use them, it is so easy to keep clean. The wood absorbs any urine and there is no smell at all. And I just scoop out the poo;-)

    It is really easy to train them to use the box.

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    I breed chihuahua’s and they work for training the pups as my adult dogs will also use them if they are indoors and need to toilet while I am away. I start the puppies at 3 weeks old using the puppy pads.

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      Is there a particular brand that works better than others, or are they all created equal?

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      When your chihuahua puppies use the pads, do you immediately throw them away, or do you leave it all day? I have a small mix dog and I am not sure how to train her. She is an adult and I am gone all day at work. I just rescued her and she has not been housetrained. I feel bad leaving her in a crate, so right now I am running home on my lunch break, but that’s not working so well. She’s a great dog and I love her dearly. How do I teach her to use the pad? Do I leave out two, or is one enough? Where should I put it? Thanks for any help.

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    I think they work great for toy dogs. I have a 13yr old Malteese that never goes outside.
    For puppies that will be going outdoors I do not reccomend them. I believe in crate training – that’s the easiest way. Your only confusing the puppy.

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      I agree with you. It would be confusing for the dog.

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    But that doesn’t mean they don’t work. Perhaps my dog is just stubborn. I have seen those new ones that are for dogs who are left home alone while their owners are at work. Maybe try that kind.

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      what breed of dog are you trying to train and how old?
      Have you tried crate training? A strict schedule daily is the best to start with.

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        We are trying to train a miniature schnauzer puppy. We don’t have a crate. We have been keeping her blocked off in the kitchen when we are gone. Any suggestions?

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