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    I would like to get a backpack for my dog. Which type should I get? How do I teach him to use it?

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    There are several types to choose from. However, through experience I have found that you are better off paying for a better pack. The cheaper ones are exactly that, cheap, and don’t work very well. My particular favorite is made by Ruff Wear and is called Palisades Backpack II. It’s more pricey, but well worth the extra. Do a little research and find something that will work for you and your dog. As far as training your dog, just put it on him/her empty and try going on a short walk or hike. Slowly increase the weight and distances. Watch your dog. Most dogs enjoy having a job to do. It helps them to feel important.

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      I agree. I have done a lot of research trying to find the right pack for my dog. I believe that the Palisades Pack II by Ruff Wear is the best choice. I also found a site that has a GREAT price on those packs and other gear.

      We have been using the Palisades Pack for about two months now, and our dog loves it, we love it, and it was well worth the $60. Even if you buy a cheap pack, you aren’t really going to know if your dog will like having a pack because the cheap ones just don’t stay on very well and they aren’t as comfortable. Do some research and find what you think will work best for your dog.

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