Age to whelp

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    2 years, soem do the second heat.

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    There are a variety of things to take into consideration. What health clearances are generally recommended for the breed and at what age should they be performed – ie. they must be 24 months old in order to be tested for hip dysplasia if that affects your breed. Once that is done, you must consider the sexual maturity of the animal. A first heat is generally never a good idea. A second heat might (MIGHT!!!) be warranted IF the bitch came into her first heat late and she was around the age of two. Generally speaking a third heat is considered to be the earliest. The animal must have attained its full body growth before growing puppies. This is also usually a two year old. The animal then must have demonstrated its intellectual maturity (often harder to determine). Is it confident in its actions, illustrate a nurturing instinct with children, etc – this is important to assure yourself that she will be a good, caring mother. Often too young bitches are poor whelpers and poor mothers.
    Good Luck!

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