bull terrier/cat compatibility?

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    bull terrier/cat compatibility?
    Hey 🙂 Sorry if this is in the wrong section, none of them really seemed right.
    I have two cats and I’m about to move in with a friend who has an English bull terrier, Roger. He’s a puppy, only about two or three months old, and is taking obedience classes. He seems friendly and sweet, but stubborn. One of my cats is master of his domain no matter where he is, and the other one – Monster – is more reserved, not timid exactly, but he likes sitting on laps and feeling safe.
    My question is, under supervision and with training, should Monster be ok living with Roger? I’m going to introduce them gradually and follow all that expert advice, but I read online that bull terriers have a high “prey-drive” in regards to smaller animals. Since I’m moving into my friend’s house, I can’t make rules like “cats inside, dogs outside” because she has the right to call the shots in her own home. I just want to know if this is a very bad idea or if, with training and persistence, it can work out ok. My cat’s safety is my main concern.

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