chihuahua's breeding

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    chihuahua’s breeding
    so my male and female did there thing on 9/28/2010, however being both there 1st time doing it, there was no tie. well it has only got worse. so today 10/02/2010 they were doing it again and he didnt tie but was full erect for a minute afterwards. she just licked him and he licked his to as he rolled around and didnt know what to do with it. so my question to you guys is could she have puppies with out a tie? she has been layin around more so and will go into her kennel (which i might add that we only have because i used it when they were babies) it is just behind a chair they never go in it but she has been lately. i guess im asking because she is very small chi. she is only 3 pounds and my male is 4.5 pounds. but the stuff i read online gives me many different stories. like no tie no puppies. no tie but he is errect for a little bit then could have puppies. then is say you will know because both dogs will do nothing but sleep and hide. neither one of my dogs hide (she has snuck in the kennel but i think its because its getting colder and there is a fluffy cover in there and she diggs it up and gets in) or sleep more then normal. i just looking for some kind of info on chihuahuas. please any info will help me.

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