Dogs as carry-on luggage

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    Can dogs be carry ons at the airport? I would love for my dog to travel with me, but I feel bad for her being in the cargo hold. Is it possible to carry her and hold her on my lap like people do with babies?

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    i have two xolos and the female is about to enter in her first heat and i want to know what to do to stop them from breeding. I live in a apartment. thanks

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    Yes, your dog can be a carry-on with some airlines. In the past 6 months, my dogs have been on 2 flights both with Delta. You cannot keep them on your lap. They have to fit in a suitable container under the seat in front of you, just like a carryon bag. Except this carry-on is MUCH more expensive. At last check, Delta was charging $125 each way.

    My dogs who are usually quite vocal were very quiet and slept most of the trip.

    For more information, check each individual airline for its restrictions and fees.

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