Help… my dog was bred Aug 16th but no pups and is in labor but no pups…

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    My female temperature went down to 98.4 yesterday morning. She only took a bite out of her food and drank water once. I thought she was in the first stage of labor, she was panting and sleeping alot in her kennel. I stayed up all last night she was panting on and off and her belly was really firm, I let her out to pee and she ate grass. This morning rolls around and there are still no puppies. I am concerned because of her temp be low for 24 hours. I havent seen any sighns of the second stage of labor. I am not sure what to do.
    need advice

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    my dog temp dropped to 37.1 and is around there upto 37.7 (usually is 38.7) that was on Sat (its now monday) no panting, lots of laying down wanting cuddles,,slight clear discharge on sat, small. Not green! but no pups still. They can be felt but activity has slowed.. She was sat up at the door today wanting to come in the livingroom.
    She was a little loose in her poo the other day I slightly changed the food and she has only done a couple of very small poo’s since. Also off her food last night.
    Im absolutely paranoid as we lost a litter of 10, 3 monhs ago, different bitch. Dont want that mistake again..
    Any advice welcome please,,,She is a 2 year old 3/4 Saarloo wolfdog x

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    The first stud session for my female GR was Sept 14, followed by Sept. 16, and the last was Sept. 18.
    I wasn’t expecting that the stud session would take since I don’t want to get my hopes up too high because her first mating session with a different dog was not successful.

    However, 2 weeks ago, we saw a change in my dog’s appearance. She grew bigger in the abdominal area and has been eating a lot.
    We decided to go to the Vet and let him check and confirm if my dog was indeed pregnant.
    Fortunately, he did.
    This is her first pregnancy.
    And according to the dates I gave the vet. He calculated that my dog will deliver her litter possibly around these dates: Nov. 12, 14, and 16.

    7 days ago, her breasts started producing milk. A light pinch and milk can be seen from her nipples. When we touch her belly, sometimes we can feel the pups move. She has been scratching the floor once in a while and keeps on transferring from one place to another. Her favorite spot is behind the door where we usually sleep at night. She lays in the space between the bed and the door. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, she’s already on the bed, sleeping on my feet.
    She poops and urinates a lot.
    Her vulva is swollen and looks like it’s ready to drop to the floor. Lately, it’s a little wet with something yellowish around the area.
    Her appetite is still strong. Still eats a lot lately. This morning we had breakfast and she ate normally.

    It’s 63 days now. I’m very worried about when she will deliver her pups. I’m worried, that I won’t be able to identify if it’s now the time to call the vet because something abnormal is already happening.
    Her temperature plays around 38-38.2 C. (100.3 – 100.98 F).
    Once, it dropped to 100.0F but not below 100F yet.
    Every night, I see her scratching the floor, moving to different places and panting.
    But I haven’t seen her with contractions yet.
    Her tummy is very big now and hard.
    Her vulva looks like balls of a male Gret, because it dangles along when she walks.
    (Is that normal?)

    I called the vet yesterday and he told me not to worry. According to him, my dog will have contractions and it will be inevitable. He said I should start to worry when after having contractions, no pups come out.

    When I checked the whelping calendar, here are the possible whelping dates:
    mate date – whelp date
    Sept 14 – Nov 12 -16
    Sept 16 – Nov 14 -18
    Sept 18 – Nov 16 -20

    She still ate today. Is it safe to say that she won’t be whelping tonight or early tomorrow?
    Any advice or help would be wonderful and much appreciated.

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    A female in labor can have a temp drop for 3 days and be fine, BUT if she is panting a lot and try’s to push at Anytime and in one hour has not had a pup you NEED to take her in for a C-section. I had one female who did that and If I didnt take her in, the vet said I would have lost her and the litter. Good Luck.

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