"Hot Pants" for Females in Heat

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    Wasn’t sure where to post this, but I figured it could go under grooming because my dog is a mess!!!!

    My question is:

    Have you used “hot pants” or diapers for your female while she was in heat? If so, which kind do you like? Was it worth it?

    My dog is a mess. She just had her third heat, and I hate keeping her in the kitchen or outside, but I cant’ let her anywhere else in the house. I don’t want “discharge” on my blankets, carpet, or couches. Someone suggested the hot pants things. Just wondering if they really are great and if so, which kind works best. I think we are just going to have her spayed since we have no intentions of breeding her, but I figure it won’t hurt to know.

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    I use the washable denum-like material diapers that you can get at PetsMart. They are great!

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