House training an adult dog

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    House training an adult dog
    I just adopted a two year old Scottish Terrier. At his other house he had a doggy door. I don’t have one. Now he is having accidents around the house. Not every time he goes, but at least once a day. Now I don’t know what to do? He is a great dog, so this does not discourage me from keeping him, but I am tired of cleaning up after him when he should be going outside.

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    emma liam

    If it was ur baby what would you do? There u just got your answer. Im in north africa and i have 20baby cats and 6 puppys and i tell you they are a hand full so if you want too swap im up for it. I have cats boxes for the toilet but some times they will follow the cats to the box. try a box next time he does the toilet wipe it up and put in the box and show him the box so he can smell his scent he should go to the box they like the same place. Then slowly move the box outside but let him see the box it might work it has for me its worth a try good luck

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      I disagree with your comment about “if it was your baby what would you do?” Dogs are NOT people. They will never be people. they don’t think like people or act like people. They are awesome pets. If you treat a dog like a person, it will treat you like a dog. That doesn’t make for a successful relationship.

      I appreciate your advice about the litter box. My preference is to not have a litter box inside my house. I don’t like the mess.

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