Itching and biting.. what to do??!

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    Itching and biting.. what to do??!
    I have a couple of dogs that have been itching and biting their selves for a while. One dog has actually been starting to get mean and might have lost a little weight. They also rip their hair out. I think it might be hot spots… but when I looked that up, it said to wash them with medicated shampooo. I have been doing that twice a week but their are still itching. The redness has went away… but still itching?

    Has anybody ever had this happen to their dog.. and if so how did you treat it?

    I would take them to the vet but we just don’t have the money.. and the dog is kind of tempered.. heh

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    Do you think it could be mange? Maybe do some more research online and see. You could also call your local dog pound. They will sometimes help people out that have a hard time affording the vet bills. I get quotes from them before I go anywhere else. Good luck!

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