Mating question

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    Mating question
    I own 2 Olde English Bulldogges that I was trying to breed but my female was nonreceptive all through her heat which she is now on her 14th day of. Is this typical? This was 2nd heat. My male gave a very good effort but as far as I know they never tied & she kept biting at him. Is this normal? I expected her to be that way for her first 9 days of her heat but not during the estrus phase. Was she not ready to breed this go around?

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    Hi I have never bred any dog before need help please. My CockeSpaniel is 3 years old and has never been mated. We would love some puppies from her. Its very hard to tell when shes in season she never really bleeds much you have to wipe her and you will see it then very little. Well we thought we were at day 11 a few days ago and we brought her to another cocker spaniel to mate them they played around she was flaging holding her tail over to one side he did mount her a few times and she yelped a few times but they did not tie.
    Now 5 days later a terrior dog has gotten into our garden and I found him tied to her. the next day I noticed she is dripping some blood. So confused is she only in season now or what. We are hoping she is not pregnant for the terrior what will we do should I bring her now and mate her with the cocker again please please help what will or can I do ???

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    Hi, we have a 5 year old AKC English Bulldog(NOT an Olde) and are interested in breeding him(this will be his first time) and getting a pup for our family pet. I know that they most likely will need artificial insemination, but i was wondering who pays for that fee? If the sperm doesn’t fertilize, then is there usually another fee, but who gets charged that one? The bitches owner or the sires owner? Wasn’t sure what to expect. Thanks,

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    I was under the impression that many olde english bulldogs have to be artificially inseminated. I could be completely wrong on this…

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