Mini Goldendoodle questions

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    Mini Goldendoodle questions
    My Golden Retriever had a beautiful litter of 9 standard sized F1 Goldendoodles this Spring. She should be going into heat again soon, but won’t be bred again until next heat. I would love to do a litter of mini’s next time. Right now I have the choice of two studs. One is fully health tested (as is my female), but only 6 lbs. The other has no health testing, but is 15 lbs. Is it safe to use the smaller stud having such a size difference? Would the puppies be prone to problems? I would rather use the health tested stud, just not sure which choice is the wisest. I’m going to be talking to my vet about this too, but I would like as many opinons as possible. The breeding would take place through AI.

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