New Puppies

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    New Puppies
    My pitbull just had a litter of 9 puppies last night through this morning. About 2 of them are not able to actually get to the nipple to eat. I don’t think she is producing enough milk for all of her puppies. Should I get some of the milk replacement for the puppies to eat so that they will survive?

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    I have 3 pups that only pick at the knife chopped dry puppy chow & a small amount of little cesars wet food. They have never been excited about anything on a plate.
    They will take it from my hand if I encourage them but only small amounts at a time. needless to say, with only 1 week to go I am nervious!
    They did take puppy mush (puppy milk & blender puppy chow) but they just don’t eat much. Mommy is still giving a nip here and there and I have water out and they drink. I am not sure if I should keep Mom from feeding all tougher or what???
    any suggestions??
    Please help, I am getting nervious.

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