I think it’s horrible!

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    It’s fine if you want to dye your own hair, but your dog doesn’t have a choice. They can’t tell you how humiliated they feel, or if the dye is burning their skin, or….. It’s not right and I think it looks really stupid. People should donate the money they would spend on dying their dogs fur to a local no kill shelter. Just my two cents.

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    As long as you dye your puppy with a safe dye I don’t see a problem Know if someone uses a chemical dye, that is a whole other issue!

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    I have seen people who put color on their poodles and such, but it’s not dye it is food coloring or koolaid. Some states/cities it is against the law to dye them.

    So I agree that using actual dye/hair coloring is a stupid thing to do..

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      Dogs dont care as long as it does not heart. And it just somthing fun to do for halloween!!!

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    Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, really, but I do not think at all that a dog will feel humiliated by the color of their hair, for various reasons.

    Dogs do not get embarrassed at all- humans are the only type of animals that become ashamed or humiliated.

    If the dye is burning their skin, then the owner is either not using an appropriate dog dye, or they are not following directions, and if it burns dogs are able to express pain, at which point any responsible owner should wash it offf.

    I agree that no kill shelters should be supported, but its kind of like saying people who do not have hairless breeds and spend money on dog clothes should not buy the clothes and instead donate it.

    Also, you are right, dogs do not get to chose, but they also dont get to chose the type of dog food they eat, the color their leash and collar are, etc. when it comes to choices, what we should be concerned about is animal testing and slaughter.

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      I dont think dogs care. And hey its fun for the holidays!!!!!

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