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    Nutritional Supplements are a fast growing segment in the Dog Health industry. Any questions within this topic include here.

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    I have been having a situation with my puppy. She has started eating her own stool and she has horrible gas. I bought this all in one product by NaturVet called Stool Deodorizer Plus. It is supposed to stop stool eating, alleviate gas, eliminate foul stool and urine odor, and reduce bad breath and body odor. I thought it would be great. And it was for the first couple days. Then my dog figured out I was putting it in her food and would spit out the pill when she found it. (she’s smart, in a dumb way). So now, it’s not working anymore. She absolutely hates the flavor of the pill and it’s impossible to hide because it’s so HUGE! I am going to take it back and try something else. I mean, my dog can’t be THAT picky. She eats her own POOP! These things must be REALLY GROSS! I’ll let you know if I find something that works.

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      The product we bought was not successful. Our dog hated them so much, she learned to find them in her food bowl and spit them out. We have since switched to a new product called “gas busters” for her gas issues (all natural), and we just got a new product for her coprophagy.

      We have also purchased a new product for her that will help her skin and fur to be more healthy. It will help lessen the shedding. She absolutely loves it. It’s called “The Missing Link”. I got it at petsmart. (they have the best products and prices).

      It seems like we have her on a lot of stuff, but when we get the coprophagy under control, her gas will be under control and then it will just be the missing link stuff.

      I’m so excited! I will let you know how it goes.

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        Gas Busters worked GREAT! The dog likes them. We also use a type of powdered vitamin in her food. She’s doing very well.

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    What type of supplement should my American Bulldog be taking?

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      I personally just use a brand of dog food that is “fortified” with vitamins. Maybe your vet would have some good ideas.

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        Do dogs really need supplements or is that just another way for someone to make more money?

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